Monthly Bastardos Dinners

The Brothers of Equal Indignity meet on the second Thursday of each month at various local establishments or private properties for libations and fraternization. To receive notice of these events, please contact Los Bastardos Barbareños  or check back here a couple days before, for the latest proclamation.

May 12thCarriage MuseumBig Joe’s
June 9thCarriage MuseumCheese Burgers
July 14thTimber’s RoadhouseChicken or Tri-tip
August 11thCarriage MuseumBig Joe’s
Sept 8thCarriage MuseumWood Fire Pizza
Oct 13thCarriage MuseumTBD
Nov 10thHarry’s Plaza Cafe
Dec 8thCarriage MuseumCHILI COOK OFF

La Quemada / Widder’s behaving badly

Looking for a new venue.

Fall Doins

Maddux Ranch (phoenix canyon): Oct. 14th – 16th

Widders Ball

Avila Beach Yacht Club: Dec. 3rd  (Croon Dogs playing)

Candlelight Initiation

Santa Barbara Carriage Museum: Mar 18th

Spring Doins

La Cuesta Ranch: April 14th – 16th