BASTARDO’S ROLLING PLAQUES  –  In 2018 Chapter 1.5 was easily duped into restoring a 1870’s Mountain Spring Wagon, that came off of the Tecolote Ranch. This type of wagon, is a light buckboard style with seats on it. We brought it up to Museum quality. After seeing the effort thatwe put forth, they wrote off the balance we owed on a store frontthat we bought for Chapter 1.5 that show cases ECV.   

In 2019 we were once again duped into restoring another 1870’s Mountain spring Wagon. These wagons are both in the Carriage Museum in Santa Barbara and are used to carry Dignitarios in the Fiesta Parade, of which now many Clampers ride and proudly display our colors.    

In 2020 ours heads were so swollen with our new found abilities and fame that we took on our biggest project, a 1882 Army Supply Wagon donated to the Museum by the Army National guard in 1974. This wagon is by far the pride of our rolling plagues.     

Two weeks ago we started our fourth wagon, a 1880’s Grain Supply wagon that came off of a ranch in the Santa Ynez valley.These projects take about seven months to restore and somewhere on each of the is the ECV 1.5 signature, to live in infamy.

One of the many Clamper volunteers, 

Tim Mason

We meet Wed. and Sat. from 10:00 – 12:00 at the Carriage Museum for sanding and painting.
If you are in the area, stop by and say hello. We open the PBR at 12:01.5